The world is holy! The soul is holy! The skin is holy!
The nose is holy! The tongue and cock and hand and asshole holy!

—Allen Ginsberg, Footnote to Howl

Diversity of Sexual Encounter

Sexual appetites, tastes and abilities are extraordinarily varied and the possibilities of sexual encounter inexhaustible.

Assume that cocks and pussies (or cocks and assholes) each come in just three different sizes.

Then, solely in terms of penetrative sex, there are already nine possible types of encounter between two people, three in which couples will be equally matched and six in which they will not.

In reality, of course, the variety of shapes and sizes of genitalia far surpasses three!

There are two other important aspects of sexual performance in which the protagonists may vary.

Intensity of sex drive, which involves the capacity to take – as well as give – rough treatment.

And how long it takes to climax.

These are not absolutes and may vary for one person over time – even within a single session – as well as between two individuals.

On top of size, libido and endurance, there are a wide array of sexual tastes that may vary between two people:

  • Attraction to men (androphilia) or women (gynophilia).
  • Predilection for giving or receiving oral stimulation.
  • Predilection for giving or receiving anal stimulation.
  • The desire to penetrate another’s bodily orifices with cock, dildo, finger, tongue etc (insertivity) or to be so penetrated (receptivity).
  • The desire to exercise power over another (dominance) or to be in another’s thrall (submission).
  • The desire to inflict pain on another (sadism) or to have pain inflicted by another (masochism).

Those are the well-known ones. And then there are any number of more exotic fetishes, which may take any object, be it parts of the body, items of clothing, role-playing scenarios, voyeurism, outdoor sex, cosplay, water sports, breath-play, and so on.

If we allot just three possible values, e.g. strong / neutral / weak, to, say, ten erotic dimensions of two people in a sexual encounter then the number of possible combinations is mind-boggling. The math:

(3×3)10 = 9x9x9x9x9x9x9x9x9x9 = 3.5 billion permutations.

That’s too many flavors to document or discuss. Well-suited, you’ll have fireworks, otherwise, not so much.

You really need to use your judgement and to be solicitous, empathetic and imaginative whenever you are having sex.

Desire is fourfold in type
Depending on whether it arises
From the senses, from habit
From erotic stimulation
Or the ghosts of the past.