Giving Head

Some people like giving head and some people don’t.

Men who are attracted to other men may give each other blow jobs. Some such men are transgender, most are not.

Some men are uncomfortable kissing their partner after they’ve come in their mouth or do not like eating pussy for the same reason. Each to their own.

If you’re giving a blow job, try the following techniques.


Grab your partner’s cock with your hand, brush the tip of their cock with your lips, and jerk them off, back and forth while twisting your hand.

Nibbling the Sides

Keeping your teeth away, kiss and nibble the sides of your partner’s cock with your lips.

Outer Hold

Allow the cock to penetrate your mouth a little, and press your lips to its tip.

Inner Hold

Allow the cock to penetrate your mouth further and clasp it tight between your lips.


Grab your partner’s cock in your hand and kiss the tip of it, as you would kiss your lover’s lower lip.


Lick the cock all over with your tongue. Push the tip of your tongue into the hole at the tip of the cock.


Take the cock halfway into your mouth, and alternately suck and press it hard with your mouth.

Deep Throating

Take the cock deep into your mouth and swallow it, allowing it to pass down your throat if you can suppress the gag reflex, and make your partner come.

Face Fucking

Either knelt in front of your standing partner or else lying on your back on a bed with your head hanging over the edge, allow your partner to thrust their cock in and out of your throat.

You can vary these methods or work through them, in order, to a crescendo, waiting for your partner to urge you on to the next level. If you’ve got a spare hand, pinch your lover’s nipples at the same time, play with their balls or stimulate their asshole.

Eating Pussy

If you’re eating pussy, try the following techniques.


With your lips only, gently kiss the insides of your partner’s thighs, the spot where the thigh joins the crotch, and the mound above the pubis.

Outer Lick

Lick the outer lips of the pussy and the ridge from the pussy to the asshole.

Inner Lick

Lick the space between the inner and the outer lips of the pussy and then inside the inner lips, but without touching the clitoris.

Clitoral Lick

Lick the clitoris. Very gently at first, then, if your partner’s not too sensitive, faster and harder until they come. If they’re too sensitive, lick the fold of skin over the clitoris, or lick the area around the clitoris, up and down or in a circular motion.

Tongue Fucking

Stick your tongue in your partner’s pussy (or ass) and thrust it in and out, either by moving your tongue in and out of your mouth or by keeping your tongue protruded and moving your head.


Grasp the inner lips of the pussy or the clitoris between your upper and lower lip and suck them in and out of your mouth, being careful to avoid the teeth.

Types of Licking

Move the tip of your tongue, wiggling it up and down rapidly, or keep your tongue fixed and use your head to move your tongue, either up and down, licking on the upstroke and disengaging on the downstroke, like you’re licking an ice cream, or else keeping the tip of your tongue pressed against the clitoris and shaking your head from side to side.

Varying your technique keeps things interesting for you both and also helps prevent cramp in the tongue or jaw muscles!

Vatsyayana says: ‘Opinions on oral sex differ quite a lot, so practice what you’re comfortable with.’

Hot young men give head
To other hot young men
May marry them even
If they trust + love each other.

Men go down on women
Licking the lips
Between the legs
And plying them with kisses

Or turn their bodies head to tail
To lick each other equally.
Boy on girl, girl on boy
Boy on boy, girl on girl.

The ability to give good head
Explains why scoundrels
Cuckold princes
Why a low lover’s prized.

When it comes to oral sex
Scholars disagree
Practitioners diverge, the
Advice is all over the map.

Fantasies are private
Erotic tastes discreet
So who can tell another
When and what to do?