Types of Kiss

Kissing, scratching and biting are typically used before sex, and slapping and moaning during sex.

Vatsyayana says: ‘Do anything at any time, because passion does not care for law and order.’

The first time you make love with someone, be measured and gentle with your kisses. Subsequently, you may kiss faster and more furiously.

People kiss on the lips, cheeks, forehead, eyelids, neck, ears, hair, chest, breasts, and the inside of the mouth.

Some people like to kiss hidden places: the inside of the thighs, the armpits, the spot between the thighs and the crotch, the fleshy mound above the pubis, and so on.

Vatsyayana says: ‘There are as many types of kisses as there are stars in the sky, but not all of them are for all people.’

Kisses may be gentle, moderate, or hard, and should be applied appropriately, so firmly on the chest, forcefully on the cheeks, and tenderly on the forehead or eyelids.

For Shy Lovers

Here are the kisses for shy or inexperienced lovers.

Chaste Kiss

You press your lips to your partner’s lips but do not move them.

Equivocating Kiss

Your partner presses their lower lip between your upper lip and lower lip. You move your lower lip encouragingly, but do not grasp their lower lip between your two lips.

Modest Kiss

You close your eyes, cover your partner’s eyes modestly with your hand, and brush your partner’s lips with your lips or your tongue.

For Bold Lovers

Here are the kisses for bold or experienced lovers.

Pressing Kiss

You both press your lips firmly against each other.

Lower Lip Kiss

Face to face, you grasp your partner’s lower lip between your upper and lower lip.

Bent Lower Lip Kiss

Like the lower lip kiss, except, with heads askew, you bend your lips sideways to form a circular pout in order to grasp your partner’s lower lip.

Upper Lip Kiss

While your partner is kissing your lower lip, you grasp their upper lip between your upper and lower lip.

French Kiss

While pressing your lips against each other, you each use your tongue to touch and explore your partner’s lips and tongue.

Clasping Kiss

You grasp your partner’s upper and lower lips, both together, between your upper and lower lip.

Deep French Kiss

Starting with a clasping kiss, one person brushes their tongue over their partner’s tongue, their teeth, the roof of their mouth, and the inside of their cheeks, with the other person reciprocating, either in turn, or by force of will.

Squeezing Kiss

You place your thumb and forefinger on either side of your partner’s mouth, squeeze their lips into a pout, and press your lips against theirs.


Some people like to spit in their partner’s face or mouth or have this done to them.

Stirring Kiss

You kiss the face of your sleeping partner because you want to fuck them. Your partner may be feigning sleep in order to judge your mood.

Kissing Game

This is a lover’s game in which the winner is the one who first grasps the other’s lips – usually their lower lip – between their lips or teeth.

(This game may also be played so that the first person to scratch, bite or slap the other is the winner. But these are fierce games and suitable only for fierce lovers.)

For Unrequited Lovers

Here are the kisses for unrequited lovers.

Shadow Kiss

In order demonstrate your affection, you kiss the reflection of the person you desire, either in a mirror or in water, or else their shadow as it falls upon a wall.

Transfer Kiss

You kiss a photo or picture of the person you desire.

Demonstrative Kiss

In public, perhaps at night when you’re out, you kiss the hand, fingertips, or even the toes of the person whose favor you seek.

Retaliate each action:
A blow for a blow
And, by the same measure
For each kiss, another.