Aggressive Sex

Some say that sex is combat, a competitive power play, whose nature is fierce and violent.

If you and your partner both enjoy this kind of aggression, then good places for hitting are the shoulders, the face, the gap between the breasts, the sides of the torso, the legs, and, with care, the cock, the ass and pussy.

You can slap your partner with an open palm, the back of your hand, the side of your hand or your fist.

The response to a blow should be an outcry of pain or surprise, and as various in manner.

Moans, sighs, cries, whimpers, sobs, pants, shrieks, sudden exhalations of breath are all admitted. They may be combined with an articulated word or simply emitted, like the cry of a bird or wild animal.

When your partner is sitting on your lap, strike their back with your fist, and expect the same back.

When you’re fucking your partner, hit the gap between their breasts with the side of your hand, gently at first, then, if they like it, harder and harder.

As your partner approaches orgasm, rain blows on their face, ribs, hips, and legs, faster and faster until they climax.

You need to pay close attention to the sounds and gestures of your partner, so you know when to go harder and when to slow things down. If you’re not sure of each other, agree a safe word or use a traffic light system.

Roughness and ferocity
Belong to the dominant
Suffering and forbearance
To the submissive.

In the heat of the moment
Roles may be reversed
Until true natures
Reassert themselves.


Vatsyayana says: ‘Don’t do anything dangerous!’

Be especially careful when slapping your partner’s face to avoid the ears and eyes.

If you get carried away, you can hurt your partner badly, so you must know when to stop.

This is no place for lists.
Lust and desire are
What make stuff happen
Amid the throes of bliss.

The feelings and fantasies
Stirred in sexual ecstasy
Are limitless
Beyond a dreamer’s wit.

Like a galloping horse
Heedless of hurdles
Impassioned lovers hurtle on
Without regard for risk.

An educated lover
Knowing the limits of her
Checks her partner’s capacity
For agony and violence.

These techniques cannot be
At all times with all people:
Limit their use
To the right time and place.