Love Bites

Bite where you’d kiss, except for the upper lip, the inside of the mouth and the eyes! As with scratching, this is not for the faint of heart.

Hidden Bite

A barely perceptible red mark made by one tooth.

Swollen Bite

A more noticeable, dented mark, achieved by applying more pressure.

Dotted Bite

Two dotted marks, made by biting a small patch of you partner’s skin between a pair of teeth, one upper and one lower, like a pincer.

String of Dots

A doublet of dots in the shape of a necklace or garland, created either by using all your upper and lower teeth at once or by repeatedly biting your partner’s skin in different places between the same pair of teeth.

Jewel & Coral

A single dotted mark, made by applying pressure to your partner’s skin between an upper tooth, the sparkling jewel, and your lower lip, the pink coral.

String of Jewels

A series of dots made by repeating the jewel & coral bite with the same tooth, or by bringing all the upper teeth against the lower lip, rolled back over the bottom teeth.

When both lovers possess a fierce temperament, they may also try out the following types of love bite.

Scattered Cloud

A ragged mountain range of uneven marks roughly made on the breast or chest of your lover, with the gaps between your teeth making the peaks and the tips of your teeth creating the valleys across which the clouds are said to scatter.

Boar Bite

Many rows of teeth marks, with narrow gaps between the rows, so that the skin alternates white and red because of the pressure.

Whatever wound or mark
Your lover lays on you
Pay it back in kind
Going twice as hard.

So a dot begets a garland
A string a scattered cloud
Feigning fire and fury
You fight and curse out loud.

Grab them by the hair
Pull their lips to yours
Shut your eyes in fervor
Then bite their neck or ear.

Sighting him in public
In the broadest light of day
Showing off his love bites
To his friends and his peers,

Smile to your own self
Then make out you are sore
Show the crowd your own marks
Put there by his jaw.

When two lovers meet
And treat each other equally
Their love shall never pale
Not even in a century.