Initiating Sex

Recently showered and elegantly attired, you should receive your lover in a room that’s been specially prepared for love-making: tastefully decorated, strewn with flowers, lit by candlelight, fragrant with perfume and incense.

Put your lover at ease, offer them a drink, sit next to them on the couch, chink glasses, toast each other, and make gentle conversation while you touch their hair or play with the hem of their garments.

Lovers laugh and chatter
Reliving past encounters
Hinting at those matters
Explicit or obscene.

There should be music. Perhaps dancing. Conversation about art and culture. Refill your glasses.

Enkindle passion with the touches and embraces described earlier and start undressing your partner. This is how sex begins.

Concluding Sex

When sex is finished, your passions spent, and modesty returned, you should both go separately to the bathroom.

When you return, free from embarrassment, lie down next to each other and rub scented oil on each others’ bodies.

Offer your partner a drink and some snacks, ideally a range of sweet, sour, salty, and bitter flavors. Take a bite of each morsel, describe its taste to your lover as well as you can, then proffer it for them to try.

Go out into the moonlight, tell stories to each other, stargaze, point out constellations you recognize – the Pole Star, the Seven Sisters, the garland that forms the Great Bear. This is how sex ends.

Post-coital confidences
Mutually exchanged,
Behaviors warm and tender
Create the strongest tie.

Lovers can be volatile:
Tenderness and tears
Angst and eagerness
Are lit by the same sun.

Let lovers moon over
Their joyous first encounter
Or the pangs of separation
So mutual kinship grows.

Types of Sex

Here are the different types of sex.


Sex born of strong physical attraction or when two lovers are reunited after a long journey or a quarrel.


Sex between two partners whose affection and attraction to each other have grown over time.


Sex with an ulterior motive, with a partner to whom you’re not attracted.


Sex with one lover while you fantasize about another.


Sex with no frills or feeling, designed solely to satisfy a need for physical intimacy or orgasm.


Unfettered sex between two people who trust each other completely and who are in tune with each others’ bodies and desires.

Bedside Quarrels

If your lover becomes jealous or angry about something while you’re having sex, stay calm, reassure them with loving words and gestures, and ask for forgiveness. If you are the wronged party, feel free to unleash a torrent of words or tears, and walk away, but don’t leave the room and close the door on your partner, not if you want there to be reconciliation.

If you know the Kama Sutra
Success in sex and love
Comes effortlessly
No lover out of league.

Be as learned as you like
Unschooled in sex
No wise person will
Show you much esteem.

You can be ignorant
Of every other matter, yet
If you know the art of love
Be held in high regard.

Be you base or grand
Illiterate or learned
Who would fail to worship
A work that brings us luck?

Virgins, vamps, libertines
Spouses, one night stands
All respect a person
Who knows how to fuck.