If you’re the receiving partner, and your lover seems tired, swap roles. Take them by agreement, or by surprise!

Whatever your lover did to you previously, now pay it back to them. Tease, mock, threaten, and insult them, throw them down, slap, and dominate them.

As a woman, you can fuck a male partner in the ass or mouth with a dildo or a female partner in any hole.

Or you can take your partner’s cock or strap-on in your pussy or asshole and fuck them from on top.


Whatever you’re doing, it’s helpful to know a range of penetrating thrusts and strokes.

The Rod

Thrusting from above.

The Dagger

Thrusting from below.


Use your hand to twist the cock or dildo in the receiving partners as you penetrate.

Deep Penetration

Forcefully drive the cock or dildo in as far as it will go and hold it there for an extended time.

The Thunderbolt

Pull the cock or dildo fully out or almost fully out, then plunge it back in again.

The Rhino’s Horn

Thrusting several times against one side of the hole.

The Bull’s Horns

Thrusting against both sides of the hole, alternately.

The Beak

Thrust several times with small strokes that only penetrate half way.

The Box

Keep the cock or dildo fully penetrated after orgasm.

The Pincer

The receiving party contracts their pelvic floor muscles and grips the cock or dildo tightly.

The Spinning Top

The receiving partner spins on their partner’s cock or strap-on while they are penetrated. If you’re kneeling or squatting over your partner, elevate their hips to make this easier.

The Swing

The receiving partner swings their hips back and forth or jiggles their ass around in all directions.

When you’ve had enough, indicate your fatigue by resting your head on your partner’s forehead. Swap roles again and let your lover take up the baton.

You can learn a lot
From the way your partner
Moves on top.

A coy or bashful lover
Reveals their inner kink
Whenever you submit.