For Non-Lovers

For two people who are not yet lovers, there are several types of touch or embrace.


If the other person has not yet signaled openness to your advances, then the only admissible move is, when already physically close, to touch them innocently, limb to limb – knee to knee, thigh to thigh, your arm resting against theirs, and so on, as appropriate.

This requires the utmost delicacy: the touch needs to be sufficiently deliberate that the other person is afforded the chance to reciprocate and yet fleeting enough that it can be construed as accidental or at least non-invasive if undesired. It is to groping what eye contact is to staring.

If you and the other person have understood each other’s signals, then there are two other types of non-lover’s embrace.


You grind your bodies against each other in a dark or deserted place.


You press the other person’s body against a wall or pillar, so similar to grinding, but a little less salacious and with the aid of a solid object.

For Lovers

For lovers, the repertoire is more interesting.

Twining Vine

Standing, you entwine your arms and legs around your partner and kiss them or gaze into their eyes.

Butting Heads

You press your heads against each other, mouth to mouth, eye to eye, forehead to forehead.

Tree Climb

One person stands on their partner’s foot and wraps the other leg around their partner’s thigh or waist, with one arm gripping their partner’s back and the other arm gripping their opposing shoulder, pulling them into a kiss.

Chest Press

Lying down, one partner presses their breast into their lover’s chest, leaning their full bodyweight on them.


Lying on a bed, the two of you entangle your arms and legs and engage with each other so violently that you appear to be wrestling.

Dry Humping

Partly dressed, lying on a bed, or with one of you sitting on the other’s lap, you push your crotches hard against each other rhythmically, feigning penetration.


Using your thighs like pincers, you squeeze one or both of your partner’s thighs as hard as you can.


Some people list caresses, loving touches, and even massage under sexual embraces, but this is incorrect, as such caresses need not be sexual in intent.

There are other clinches
Not in this text
That also magnify passion
And which need to be used
Carefully and with caution.

The subject of this work
Is that which is vanilla.
When the wheel of sexual
Is spinning at full tilt
There is no book, and no order.